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Where Will YOU Be in 4 Years?

Most students in Highschool (or Middle School) don't really know what's in store for them.  How could they?  C Cubed can show you what you're missing.  And where it can take you.

You might find out that the future holds a job that you enjoy and that pays very well!


Are You a CyberWarrior?  Give us an hour of your time and you'll know for sure! 


Join us in our quest to defeat our opponents and gain valuable skills in cyber security!  You won't believe how fun it is to learn!

Playing on the Computer

CyberPatriot has competitions specifically for this age group.  We'll be training and competing with other early teens across the nation!

Image by Annie Spratt

When school gets out or you just get a little free time, feel free to come over and access your online classes, do a little cyber training, or maybe log in to your Minecraft account  :-)

Freelancer Working from Home

Continuing education never stops.  If you'd like to make that next step up in your company or if you're thinking a change is due, we're here to help!

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